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Contamos con servicio de acarreo para ayudarte a mover las cosas hasta tu depósito.

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Why store with us?

Almacenajes Minidepositos is the pioneer company of storage solutions in Panama with more than 30 years of experience.

No tie long agreements
24/7 surveillance
Climate – controlled units
Insurance for your goods
Variety of unit sizes
10 locations nationwide
Cargo moving
Access to your storage unit 365 days a year
Security making your payments from our Online Payment Platform
Easy access with your vehicle
FREE forklift and cart for unloading
Assistance unloading your merchandise

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The safety of your belongings is a priority to us.
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Acceso con tarjetas de seguridad

24/7 Security:

Only the customer can access its merchandise. No company personnel is authorized to do so without the customer’s presence.

The customer can use the padlock that seems most appropriate for his warehouse.

All our facilities are monitored 24 hours a day by a team of closed circuit cameras and private security personnel.

Controlled access to the facilities through the use of a card.

The company’s buildings are designed to have a single access road, with high retaining walls and electric fence for added security.

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